Supplements for successful treatment

Vitamins with a goal: For successful therapy with micronutrients

Doctors and patients want the same from micronutrients: Successful treatment. To help you achieve this goal, we have developed the largest micronutrient concept from Germany with almost 380 supplements. This concept follows three essential principles:

Supplements with a plan - the FormMed concept

The FormMed micronutrient concept consists of two groups of supplements: Indication supplements for indication-specific treatment (e.g. Immun-in-form®, Arthro-in-form®) and active ingredient supplements for effect optimization or targeted supplementation of individual nutrients (e.g. D-form®, Magnesioform®).


Always the perfect supplement for your specialty

We carry almost 380 supplements, so we can always offer you the right supplement. But variety is not everything: we also support you in choosing the right supplement. From general practitioners to dentists, everyone can find the right supplement with us. Find the right supplements for your specialty with FormMed.


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